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1. a jewish settler argues with a palestinian demonstrator during a protest against an illegal outpost near the israeli settlement of kharsina in the west bank city of hebron on may 22, 2009. photo hazem bader

2. a palestinian demonstrates against a road block at his village of bet dajan on march 9, 2012. the main road from beit dajan to nablus has been blocked since the second intifada. photo alaa badarneh

3. a palestinian resident of the israeli occupied west bank village of madama argues with an israeli soldier near nablus as security forces intervene in clashes between palestinian farmers and israeli settlers from the yitzhar settlement on december 17, 2012. photo abed al hashlamoun

4.  a palestinian refused entry to the al-aqsa mosque for friday prayers argues with an israeli border policeman on october 13, 2000. photo amit shabi

5. a palestinian man and an israeli soldier come face-to-face during the eviction of palestinian protesters who were trying to block the main road leading to the israeli settlement of efrat, near the west bank town of bethlehem on august 16, 2013. photo abed al hashlamoun

6. while protesting the expansion of the jewish settlement of halamish into the west bank on november 2, 2012, a palestinian girl raised her fist to punch this israeli soldier.

7. a palestinian protester argues with israeli soliders during a demonstration against israeli settlers who set up tents at the main entrance of tuqua village, near the west bank village of bethlehem, on november 22, 2013. photo by musa al-shaer

8. a palestinian clashes with an israeli soldier following a demonstration against israeli settlement expansion in the west bank village of nabi saleh on november 4, 2011. photo abbas momani

march 30 is land day, commemorated annually in israel with general strikes and marches in honour of the six israeli palestinian arabs who were killed by israeli security forces in 1976 for protesting the state appropriation of arab land in the galilee.

the day is in further protest of israeli’s confiscation of lands belonging to palestinian refugees who either fled or were expelled from, or were displaced within, the area that has become israel [see: nakba], including ever expanding settlements beyond the 1967 borders established by u.n. sec. council resolution 242.

the palestinians who make up about 20 percent of israel’s population face second class citizenship, with 35 discriminatory laws on the books, including the absentees property law. and in the negev and the galilee, where land day protests began, they continue to be largely barred from buying homes or land and faced continued forced eviction.

amnesty international has accused israel of using excessive force in past land day demonstrations, stating that israel “routinely resorts to unnecessary, arbitrary and excessive force,” adding, “palestinian protesters who posed no direct threat to life, including children, have been killed…with near total impunity.”